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,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States


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Latitude: 37.241667, Longitude: -90.968611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Henry Martin  17 Aug 1861,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I27455796 robsgenealogy 
2 Asbury, Nancy Jane  11 Nov 1853,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I32283683 robsgenealogy 
3 Bennett, William Franklin  30 Aug 1870,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I20032402 robsgenealogy 
4 Berry, Sarah Jane  26 Mar 1877,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I95292563 robsgenealogy 
5 Blanton, Josiah Thompson  24 Oct 1843,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I37419219 robsgenealogy 
6 Bounds, Sarah A.  1873,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I9360336 robsgenealogy 
7 Braddy, Azariah "Erza" Bud  16 May 1853,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I86534190 robsgenealogy 
8 Brewer, John J.  05 Oct 1849,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I79798202 robsgenealogy 
9 Cleveland, George G.  Abt 1864,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I8414626 robsgenealogy 
10 Cleveland, Rosie B.  Abt 1868,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I28886600 robsgenealogy 
11 Combs, John Hansford  27 Apr 1861,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I74762770 robsgenealogy 
12 Duncan, Joseph D.  31 Jul 1855,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I52594232 robsgenealogy 
13 Duncan, Lottery  16 Dec 1856,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I96467621 robsgenealogy 
14 Duncan, Pony  23 Feb 1862,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I79665717 robsgenealogy 
15 Duncan, Rice  1873,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I44555836 robsgenealogy 
16 Duncan, Rice Allen  01 Jul 1824,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I2822884 robsgenealogy 
17 Duncan, Sarah Ann  15 Apr 1858,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I17778136 robsgenealogy 
18 Duncan, Susan Caroline  08 Sep 1866,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I44210277 robsgenealogy 
19 Dunn, Artemissa  Sep 1846,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I5279324 robsgenealogy 
20 Dunn, John Andrew  12 Dec 1847,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I19285252 robsgenealogy 
21 Firebaugh, George Webster  25 Nov 1866,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I11119484 robsgenealogy 
22 Gilliland, William  1846,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I42740851 robsgenealogy 
23 Heltibrand, David Ben Dunlevy  6 Jul 1843,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I2153467 robsgenealogy 
24 Huff, Robert Sylvester  17 May 1871,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I10724784 robsgenealogy 
25 Irwin, Joshua Francis  7 Aug 1857,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 62886599 robsgenealogy 
26 Jackson, John  03 Sep 1863,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I3304784 robsgenealogy 
27 Jones, James Lee  10 Dec 1848,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I35079426 robsgenealogy 
28 Jones, Nancy Jane  1842,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I77080156 robsgenealogy 
29 Jones, Thomas Lee  1846,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I31635744 robsgenealogy 
30 Jones, William E.  June 1844,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I8265656 robsgenealogy 
31 Ketcherside, Infant  20 Feb 1910,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I93335397 robsgenealogy 
32 King, George L  1865,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I57159069 robsgenealogy 
33 King, Hester Ellen  1868,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I2163088 robsgenealogy 
34 King, Robert  1878,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I53301204 robsgenealogy 
35 King, Sarah Ann  25 May 1872,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I22603468 robsgenealogy 
36 Lewis, Benjamin  Abt 1860,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I71844369 robsgenealogy 
37 Lewis, Carl  19 Feb 1905,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I15713197 robsgenealogy 
38 Lewis, Elibe  28 Nov 1851,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I11660950 robsgenealogy 
39 Lewis, Gladys  1 Oct 1903,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I62279985 robsgenealogy 
40 Lewis, Hugh Patterson  11 May 1843,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I24182800 robsgenealogy 
41 Lewis, Issac Lee  15 Aug 1869,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I80554884 robsgenealogy 
42 Lewis, Jacob A  11 Sep 1853,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I51026868 robsgenealogy 
43 Lewis, James  Abt 1856,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I11018396 robsgenealogy 
44 Lewis, James Million  1848,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I46305947 robsgenealogy 
45 Lewis, Jessie  Abt 1902,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I18149928 robsgenealogy 
46 Lewis, Joseph Brady  09 Mar 1850,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I41133172 robsgenealogy 
47 Lewis, Marvin  16 Nov 1922,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I34690862 robsgenealogy 
48 Lewis, Mary "Polly" Ann  03 Feb 1847,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I95657052 robsgenealogy 
49 Lewis, Peter Rosomore  09 Mar 1851,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I71352268 robsgenealogy 
50 Lewis, Raymond  Abt 1907,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I73011120 robsgenealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Henry Martin  05 Oct 1947,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I27455796 robsgenealogy 
2 Bounds, Sarah A.  1919,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I9360336 robsgenealogy 
3 Braddy, Azariah "Erza" Bud  15 Mar 1940,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I86534190 robsgenealogy 
4 Bradey, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1935,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I93918179 robsgenealogy 
5 Brewer, Howell  Jan 1860,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I60827152 robsgenealogy 
6 Chitwood, China  14 Sep 1924,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I31669272 robsgenealogy 
7 Coil, Andrew  Abt 1877,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I53845011 robsgenealogy 
8 Colyott, Alexander Nimrod  21 Feb 1902,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 30522729 robsgenealogy 
9 Dunn, John Andrew  11 Nov 1931,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I19285252 robsgenealogy 
10 Ebert, William Henry  1 Nov 1897,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I53493240 robsgenealogy 
11 Edmonds, Nancy  24 Nov 1884,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I23470704 robsgenealogy 
12 England, Shirley Mae  05 May 1962,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I49177696 robsgenealogy 
13 Firebaugh, George Webster  07 Dec 1901,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I11119484 robsgenealogy 
14 Gilliland, Robert (3rd)  aft. 1850,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I46921344 robsgenealogy 
15 Gray, Elizabeth  07 Dec 1867,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I13320087 robsgenealogy 
16 Heltibrand, David Ben Dunlevy  10 Mar 1927,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I2153467 robsgenealogy 
17 Irwin, Joshua Francis  25 Oct 1954,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 62886599 robsgenealogy 
18 Jackson, Sarah Ann  Mar 1931,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I58076602 robsgenealogy 
19 Keathley, Oliver Goldsmith  9 Mar 1868,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 94563304 robsgenealogy 
20 Ketcherside, Infant  20 Feb 1910,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I93335397 robsgenealogy 
21 King, Sarah Ann  15 Feb 1965,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I22603468 robsgenealogy 
22 Lewis, Eli  22 Jan 1930,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I72478916 robsgenealogy 
23 Lewis, Elibe  09 May 1926,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I11660950 robsgenealogy 
24 Lewis, George E.  22 Oct 1883,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I74762230 robsgenealogy 
25 Lewis, Jacob  Abt 1858,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I54307843 robsgenealogy 
26 Lewis, Martha Elizabeth  15 Feb 1902,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I9897192 robsgenealogy 
27 Lewis, Nancy Ellen  26 Jul 1912,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I9885909 robsgenealogy 
28 Lewis, Robert Earl  13 Jan 1928,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I26472367 robsgenealogy 
29 Lewis, Tumpy Erastus  19 Jan 1922,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 99877804 robsgenealogy 
30 Mann, Sara Catherine  19 Apr 1928,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I8046872 robsgenealogy 
31 Martin, Mary "Polly" Ann  May 1850,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I33227017 robsgenealogy 
32 Meade, William Riley  1880,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I64927968 robsgenealogy 
33 Miller, Amey  1845,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I50041352 robsgenealogy 
34 Miller, Edna Evelyn  26 May 1926,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I36652415 robsgenealogy 
35 Miller, Edward "Edd" W.  04 Mar 1939,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I52130613 robsgenealogy 
36 Miller, Mary E "Mollie"  24 Apr 1934,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I62620162 robsgenealogy 
37 Miller, Mary Jane  28 Oct 1921,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I56467121 robsgenealogy 
38 Nance, Anna  1880,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I26992464 robsgenealogy 
39 Plight, Elizabeth  16 Jan 1923,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I7684919 robsgenealogy 
40 Russell, Flora Margaret  30 Sep 1906,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I62886972 robsgenealogy 
41 Seal, Dezina  28 Jan 1920,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I81393008 robsgenealogy 
42 Seal, John  1880,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I84951196 robsgenealogy 
43 Sisk, Evaline Achsah/Axie  22 Feb 1943,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 58595796 robsgenealogy 
44 Skaggs, Jefferson Nicolas  Jul 1878,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 25165249 robsgenealogy 
45 Stephens, Elizabeth Jane  14 Oct 1924,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I19460440 robsgenealogy 
46 Stevens, Laban Clayborn  1915,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I82918744 robsgenealogy 
47 Tennison, Nancy Adams  Mar 1870,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I77515300 robsgenealogy 
48 Warnecke, Permelia L.  30 Aug 1921,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I75686196 robsgenealogy 
49 Williams, Laura Selane  Aft 1930,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I32192438 robsgenealogy 
50 Wray, Virginia Helen  21 Sep 1992,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I12501338 robsgenealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Braddy, Azariah "Erza" Bud  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I86534190 robsgenealogy 
2 Bradey, Elizabeth  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I93918179 robsgenealogy 
3 Chitwood, China  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I31669272 robsgenealogy 
4 Duncan, Rice Allen  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I2822884 robsgenealogy 
5 Firebaugh, George Webster  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I11119484 robsgenealogy 
6 Jones, Cora  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I74629372 robsgenealogy 
7 Jones, James Lee  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I35079426 robsgenealogy 
8 Jones, Solomon Franklin  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I61864787 robsgenealogy 
9 KIng, Ella Isabel  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I6129792 robsgenealogy 
10 King, Rebecca Emmaline  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I19340704 robsgenealogy 
11 Lewis, Eli  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I72478916 robsgenealogy 
12 Lewis, Samuel  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I9476944 robsgenealogy 
13 Lewis, Sarah Catherine  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I92227177 robsgenealogy 
14 Russell, Charles Jackson  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I69305106 robsgenealogy 
15 Russell, Flora Margaret  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I62886972 robsgenealogy 
16 Stephens, Elizabeth Jane  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I19460440 robsgenealogy 
17 Stevenson, Margaret Louise  ,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I12755332 robsgenealogy 
18 Voyles, Marion Franklin  28 Oct 1916,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States I34441313 robsgenealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   Abt 1858,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F33336586 robsgenealogy 
2 Abrams / Lewis  19 Jun 1888,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F17425437 robsgenealogy 
3 Bennett / Dunn  11 Aug 1895,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F2514807 robsgenealogy 
4 Brewer / Sutton  27 Dec 1848,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F27099988 robsgenealogy 
5 Brown / KIng  Oct 1903,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F12622524 robsgenealogy 
6 Cleveland / Miller  26 Feb 1846,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F21260392 robsgenealogy 
7 Clifford / Hasty  26 Aug 1925,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 46870196 robsgenealogy 
8 Colyott / Keathley  23 Apr 1874,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 60737412 robsgenealogy 
9 Duncan /   12 Mar 1882,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F83727488 robsgenealogy 
10 Duncan / King  23 Jan 1853,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F30954373 robsgenealogy 
11 Dunn / Lane  21 Jul 1843,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F49328844 robsgenealogy 
12 Eaton / Miller  11 May 1845,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F30986460 robsgenealogy 
13 Firebaugh / KIng  25 Sep 1899,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F41725888 robsgenealogy 
14 Jones / King  1841,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F84192436 robsgenealogy 
15 Keathley / Graham  1877,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 56330313 robsgenealogy 
16 Ketcherside / Meade  08 Jun 1908,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F47740891 robsgenealogy 
17 King / Eads  19 Oct 1879,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F60820300 robsgenealogy 
18 KIng / Stephens  17 Dec 1872,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F79398992 robsgenealogy 
19 Lewis / Bounds  19 Apr 1895,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F20014693 robsgenealogy 
20 Lewis / Cook  13 Oct 1914,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F40293136 robsgenealogy 
21 Lewis / Ford  28 Aug 1917,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F10941768 robsgenealogy 
22 Lewis / Johnson  02 Jan 1881,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F7351593 robsgenealogy 
23 Lewis / Keathley  28 Jan 1911,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F6643312 robsgenealogy 
24 Lewis / Williams  21 Jan 1886,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F68508580 robsgenealogy 
25 Lewis / Wray  Abt 1924,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F74784388 robsgenealogy 
26 McDade / Miller  11 Jul 1841,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F3118168 robsgenealogy 
27 Miller / Harrison  Abt 1820,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F70093904 robsgenealogy 
28 Miller / Hemby  28 Dec 1848,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F10977772 robsgenealogy 
29 Miller / Mathews  24 Jan 1836,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F98428720 robsgenealogy 
30 Miller / Sutton  20 Jan 1853,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F33025932 robsgenealogy 
31 Seal / Dunn  15 Mar 1850,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F32347985 robsgenealogy 
32 Skaggs / Eads  22 Nov 1873,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States 23313747 robsgenealogy 
33 Stevens / Berry  24 Dec 1893,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F99486940 robsgenealogy 
34 White / Green  16 Dec 1851,Reynolds County,Missouri,United States F6295060 robsgenealogy