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,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA


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Latitude: 35.861667, Longitude: -80.206667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, Martha  2 Mar 1779,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I78443213 robsgenealogy 
2 Clodfelter, Anna Catharina  10 Apr 1783,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I68083156 robsgenealogy 
3 Clodfelter, Daniel W.  26 Sep 1792,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I16416131 robsgenealogy 
4 Clodfelter, David Abner  22 Jul 1785,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I71724572 robsgenealogy 
5 Clodfelter, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1788,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I77694764 robsgenealogy 
6 Clodfelter, Jacob  01 Jan 1770,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I84342154 robsgenealogy 
7 Clodfelter, John  1800,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I46121353 robsgenealogy 
8 Clodfelter, John George  01 Jul 1780,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I78761260 robsgenealogy 
9 Clodfelter, Joseph  19 May 1790,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I37092834 robsgenealogy 
10 Clodfelter, Phillip  11 Mar 1795,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I6578216 robsgenealogy 
11 Cochrane, Eleanor  20 Dec 1805,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I18160962 robsgenealogy 
12 Foster, David  1746,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I80326817 robsgenealogy 
13 Foster, Jemima Jane  02 Oct 1796,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I7142080 robsgenealogy 
14 Foster, Jesse A.  1795,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I8214709 robsgenealogy 
15 Foster, Zellah  Abt 1799,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I38456852 robsgenealogy 
16 Hagge, Margaret  02 Sep 1771,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I48926491 robsgenealogy 
17 King, Mary S.  31 May 1818,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I14520401 robsgenealogy 
18 Leonard, Anna Barbara  6 May 1780,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I57222738 robsgenealogy 
19 Leonard, Anna Catherine  14 Oct 1786,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I24710401 robsgenealogy 
20 Leonard, Anna Christina  20 Nov 1784,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I60409406 robsgenealogy 
21 Leonard, Barbara  6 Aug 1804,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I40460483 robsgenealogy 
22 Leonard, Elizabeth  21 Oct 1786,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I29199810 robsgenealogy 
23 Leonard, Eva  20 Jul 1788,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I62437376 robsgenealogy 
24 Leonard, Johnann Jacob Jr  20 Feb 1789,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I37854664 robsgenealogy 
25 Leonard, Michael  29 Sep 1750,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I46832840 robsgenealogy 
26 Leonard, Michael Jr.  1 Oct 1776,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I77930578 robsgenealogy 
27 Leonard, Phillip  16 Nov 1756,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I6684074 robsgenealogy 
28 Leonard, Phillip  21 Dec 1774,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I94495900 robsgenealogy 
29 Leonard, Valentine  24 Jan 1784,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I63516228 robsgenealogy 
30 Leonard, Valentine  1793,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I79374904 robsgenealogy 
31 Leonardt, Daniel  29 Aug 1912,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I52426192 robsgenealogy 
32 Leonardt, John Henry  1 Jan 1791,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I4939206 robsgenealogy 
33 Leonardt, Johnann Jacob Sr.  16 Nov 1758,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I39381120 robsgenealogy 
34 Leonardt, Mary  8 Aug 1806,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I18505924 robsgenealogy 
35 Leonardt, Sarah Sally  5 Jan 1794,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I62944424 robsgenealogy 
36 Leonardt, Susan  28 Dec 1798,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I95554365 robsgenealogy 
37 McNeely, Ruel/Rewel  12 Apr 1800,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I60190618 robsgenealogy 
38 Shoaf, Anna Elizabeth  24 Nov 1767,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I19323268 robsgenealogy 
39 Shoaf, Anna Marie  27 Sep 1762,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I77701600 robsgenealogy 
40 Shoaf, Catherine Barbara  16 Feb 1760,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I87798995 robsgenealogy 
41 Sowers, Anna Catherine  27 Apr 1757,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I6536468 robsgenealogy 
42 Stevenson, Eliza Jane  20 Mar 1819,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I1747051 robsgenealogy 
43 Tennison, Nancy Adams  1803,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I77515300 robsgenealogy 
44 Waggoner, Jacob E.  30 Oct 1792,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I3630560 robsgenealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clodfelter, John George  01 Jan 1847,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I78761260 robsgenealogy 
2 Clodfelter, Nancy  26 Jul 1861,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I87917028 robsgenealogy 
3 Cochran, Robert Jr.  ,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I72232618 robsgenealogy 
4 Fleming, Allison  25 Nov 1836,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I52672376 robsgenealogy 
5 Fleming, George Jr.  Apr 1784,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I34533188 robsgenealogy 
6 Foster, David  21 May 1828,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I80326817 robsgenealogy 
7 Foster, David Jr.  28 Jul 1839,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I89438036 robsgenealogy 
8 Foster, Robert Sr.  09 May 1816,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I37783340 robsgenealogy 
9 Hart, Elinor  bef. 1800,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I26718309 robsgenealogy 
10 Leonard, Valentine  7 Mar 1834,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I79374904 robsgenealogy 
11 McNeely, Archibald Sr.  8 Sep 1801,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I40542128 robsgenealogy 
12 McNeely, David  ,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I83614035 robsgenealogy 
13 McNeely, Isaac  28 Nov 1774,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I41251465 robsgenealogy 
14 McNeely, John Jr.  1800-1801,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I36799475 robsgenealogy 
15 McNeely, John III  15 Oct 1843,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I16975318 robsgenealogy 
16 McNeely, Ruel/Rewel  15 Oct 1867,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I60190618 robsgenealogy 
17 Posten, Mary  22 Feb 1855,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I89797276 robsgenealogy 
18 Roseborough, Elizabeth Leonard  1800,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I52149970 robsgenealogy 
19 Shoaf, Anna Elizabeth  19 Jul 1829,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I19323268 robsgenealogy 
20 Shoaf, Anna Marie  18 Dec 1824,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I77701600 robsgenealogy 
21 Shoaf, Catherine Barbara  1804,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I87798995 robsgenealogy 
22 Shoaf, John Henry Sr.  12 Apr 1807,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I96013980 robsgenealogy 
23 Sprecher, Anna Catherine  1807,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I27270676 robsgenealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clodfelter, Daniel W.  ,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA I16416131 robsgenealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clodfelter / Foster  05 Dec 1822,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F97843430 robsgenealogy 
2 Clodfelter / Hagge  28 Jun 1790,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F23953864 robsgenealogy 
3 Clodfelter / Yokeley  29 Jul 1822,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F12140379 robsgenealogy 
4 Fleming / Barckley  07 Oct 1784,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F60498654 robsgenealogy 
5 Fleming / Kennedy  27 Jan 1784,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F90811952 robsgenealogy 
6 Fleming / McNeely  24 Nov 1825,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F42195424 robsgenealogy 
7 Foster / Posten  15 Jan 1805,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F8277616 robsgenealogy 
8 Foster / Roseborough  04 Mar 1760,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F2439996 robsgenealogy 
9 Knox / Foster  18 Apr 1821,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F52173120 robsgenealogy 
10 McNeely / Kilpatrick  25 Feb 1793,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F85943148 robsgenealogy 
11 McNeely / Shufford  05 Jan 1826,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F21343316 robsgenealogy 
12 Stevenson / Latta  23 Jul 1811,Rowan County,North Carolina,USA F43474288 robsgenealogy