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Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA


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Latitude: 37.282500, Longitude: -90.637222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allard, Lowell S.  12 Jun 1905Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I92924256 robsgenealogy 
2 Ansden, Macy Myra  03 Sep 1896Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I26980706 robsgenealogy 
3 Fakes, Parmelia Elizabeth  30 Dec 1872Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I84123080 robsgenealogy 
4 Hamilton, James A.  20 Jun 1910Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I19108519 robsgenealogy 
5 Hamilton, Zella Myrtle  27 Oct 1901Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I52040412 robsgenealogy 
6 Hughes, William H.  03 Apr 1861Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I88683247 robsgenealogy 
7 Keathley, Henry Gideon  20 Feb 1903Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I31237011 robsgenealogy 
8 Keathley, Lester  01 Sep 1901Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I43420035 robsgenealogy 
9 Keathley, May  30 Oct 1897Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I31656744 robsgenealogy 
10 Keathley, William Walker  19 Apr 1895Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I12174486 robsgenealogy 
11 King, Napoleon Samuel  22 Dec 1878Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I88038329 robsgenealogy 
12 Lashley, Walter Harvey  18 Aug 1916Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I91052682 robsgenealogy 
13 Lewis, Alta  30 Oct 1907Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I21327264 robsgenealogy 
14 Lewis, Avis  27 Aug 1906Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I13481511 robsgenealogy 
15 Lewis, Billie Jay  03 Feb 1929Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I67356790 robsgenealogy 
16 Lewis, Carter Clinton  12 Dec 1927Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I24475810 robsgenealogy 
17 Lewis, Elvis Eli  16 Apr 1918Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I51051058 robsgenealogy 
18 Lewis, Everett  27 Sep 1902Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I11027872 robsgenealogy 
19 Lewis, Francis Fulton  31 Oct 1918Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I2399914 robsgenealogy 
20 Lewis, Frank Miller  11 Mar 1917Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I47120523 robsgenealogy 
21 Lewis, Freeman Dale  20 Jan 1923Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I25800423 robsgenealogy 
22 Lewis, Frieda Abigail  29 Dec 1920Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I85987578 robsgenealogy 
23 Lewis, Hazel  28 Sep 1903Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I65917071 robsgenealogy 
24 Lewis, Henry  05 Aug 1890Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I99970664 robsgenealogy 
25 Lewis, Howard Seal  09 Jun 1918Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I8010192 robsgenealogy 
26 Lewis, Inez Mildred  27 May 1911Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I97799274 robsgenealogy 
27 Lewis, James William  25 Oct 1881Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I59746333 robsgenealogy 
28 Lewis, Jerome Boneparte  22 Nov 1872Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I12835767 robsgenealogy 
29 Lewis, Jerome Buford  23 Jan 1916Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I31452352 robsgenealogy 
30 Lewis, Martha Evaline  25 Nov 1874Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I60485120 robsgenealogy 
31 Lewis, Martha Leta  02 Jan 1925Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I82102992 robsgenealogy 
32 Lewis, Naomi Ruth  14 Dec 1929Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I64966450 robsgenealogy 
33 Lewis, Olin Clyde  12 Mar 1913Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I75196424 robsgenealogy 
34 Lewis, Orpha  12 Jun 1909Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I23209408 robsgenealogy 
35 Lewis, Russell Asa  19 Jun 1920Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I34335916 robsgenealogy 
36 Lewis, Toney  25 Feb 1891Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I48855863 robsgenealogy 
37 Lewis, Walter L.  24 Feb 1941Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I45049070 robsgenealogy 
38 Lewis, Wana Luetta  03 Sep 1923Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I43325281 robsgenealogy 
39 Lewis, Wellman S.  11 Mar 1917Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I27869380 robsgenealogy 
40 Lewis, Wellman Wayne  01 Jul 1940Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I57779702 robsgenealogy 
41 Lewis, Zell Washington  13 Nov 1878Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I99690498 robsgenealogy 
42 Long, Alice  10 Feb 1886Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I46402832 robsgenealogy 
43 Lovelace, Carr Willis  10 Mar 1896Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I14956999 robsgenealogy 
44 Lovelace, Ethel  26 Jan 1890Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I33410208 robsgenealogy 
45 Lovelace, John William  26 Sep 1876Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I4230788 robsgenealogy 
46 Lovelace, Marjorie Eileen  22 Sep 1917Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I74476542 robsgenealogy 
47 Lovelace, Myrtle Myra  15 Mar 1900Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I32516097 robsgenealogy 
48 Lovelace, Nellie Eleanore  10 Feb 1883Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I8041800 robsgenealogy 
49 Lovelace, Ora Maxine  24 Dec 1918Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I18510080 robsgenealogy 
50 Lovelace, Ora Victoria  06 Mar 1888Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I9192339 robsgenealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Asbury, Nancy Jane  17 May 1938Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I32283683 robsgenealogy 
2 Fenton, Alsie B.  23 Sep 1938Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I43737244 robsgenealogy 
3 Gibson, Samuel Alec  16 May 1947Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I51963127 robsgenealogy 
4 Johnson, Abigail  25 Dec 1919Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I78636248 robsgenealogy 
5 Keathley, Henry Gideon  03 Oct 1903Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I31237011 robsgenealogy 
6 Keathley, May  03 Nov 1897Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I31656744 robsgenealogy 
7 King, Henry  08 Feb 1944Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I4226243 robsgenealogy 
8 King, Nancy Elizabeth  02 Jul 1920Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I62724845 robsgenealogy 
9 Lewis, Hazel  26 Mar 1906Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I65917071 robsgenealogy 
10 Lewis, Jerome Boneparte  25 Dec 1954Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I12835767 robsgenealogy 
11 Lewis, Orpha  13 Dec 1918Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I23209408 robsgenealogy 
12 Lewis, Wellman Wayne  20 Jul 1940Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I57779702 robsgenealogy 
13 Lewis, Zell Washington  18 Jul 1958Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I99690498 robsgenealogy 
14 Lovelace, James Polk  16 Jun 1919Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I88905062 robsgenealogy 
15 Lovelace, Thomas Polk  18 Oct 1963Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I86826020 robsgenealogy 
16 McFadden, Nancy E.  10 Mar 1901Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I62651350 robsgenealogy 
17 Miller, Cicero W.  11 Jul 1959Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I67353767 robsgenealogy 
18 Parks, Josephine June  12 Aug 1900Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I20303000 robsgenealogy 
19 Robinson, Rella Ruth  21 Jan 1982Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I88721952 robsgenealogy 
20 Ruble, Eliazabeth Achsah/Axie  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I72231148 robsgenealogy 
21 Seal, Everett  02 Oct 1992Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I22863384 robsgenealogy 
22 Seal, Fred Houston  21 Dec 1937Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I15700798 robsgenealogy 
23 Seal, John Polk  03 Feb 1922Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I44771203 robsgenealogy 
24 Seal, William Everett  02 Oct 1992Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I97453624 robsgenealogy 
25 Seal, Zilla  13 Jun 1938Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I22022030 robsgenealogy 
26 Shaver, Ellen Sophronia  14 Apr 1932Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I79829647 robsgenealogy 
27 Sisk, Gladys  17 Dec 1970Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I79971104 robsgenealogy 
28 Sisk, Hiram  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I29718124 robsgenealogy 
29 Sisk, Hiram Marshall  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I18228472 robsgenealogy 
30 Stevenson, Bertha Ann  1947Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I9662590 robsgenealogy 
31 Stevenson, J Wesley  20 Jan 1910Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I95447388 robsgenealogy 
32 Stevenson, Thomas Benton "Ben"  08 Feb 1908Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I48916627 robsgenealogy 
33 Wallis, Andrew  08 Dec 1895Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I3967143 robsgenealogy 
34 White, Sara Jane  01 Jun 1911Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I90335020 robsgenealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brewer, Orra May  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I51810220 robsgenealogy 
2 Burgess, Robert  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I86969260 robsgenealogy 
3 Fenton, Alsie B.  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I43737244 robsgenealogy 
4 Jones, Charles Henry  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I56436358 robsgenealogy 
5 Lewis, James Monroe  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I80155708 robsgenealogy 
6 Lewis, Katherine "Katie"  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I75974242 robsgenealogy 
7 Lovelace, James Polk  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I88905062 robsgenealogy 
8 Nichols, William Roscoe  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I30048316 robsgenealogy 
9 Rayfield, Vernon  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I68863226 robsgenealogy 
10 Robinson, Irma Maxine  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I22549360 robsgenealogy 
11 Robinson, Mildred Morice  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I38401226 robsgenealogy 
12 Robinson, Opel Myrtle  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I75108964 robsgenealogy 
13 Robinson, Rella Mae  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I96372660 robsgenealogy 
14 Seal, Everett  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I22863384 robsgenealogy 
15 Stevenson, Bertha Ann  Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA I9662590 robsgenealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brooks / Lovelace  01 Jan 1938Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F63628284 robsgenealogy 
2 Cole / Abrams  29 May 1907Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F59210299 robsgenealogy 
3 Hamilton / King  28 Mar 1897Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F93680030 robsgenealogy 
4 Heeter / Lovelace  16 Jul 1900Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F4528336 robsgenealogy 
5 Hickman / Miller  21 Dec 1913Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F79743013 robsgenealogy 
6 Lewis / Ansden  07 Nov 1915Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F52387336 robsgenealogy 
7 Lewis / Carrow  30 Jun 1948Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F58413038 robsgenealogy 
8 Lewis / Foster  09 Dec 1937Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F53246234 robsgenealogy 
9 Lewis / Fowler  05 Oct 1925Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F241765 robsgenealogy 
10 Lewis / Robinson  11 Mar 1900Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F38272955 robsgenealogy 
11 Lewis / Ruble  31 Dec 1902Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F81121114 robsgenealogy 
12 Lewis / Seal  04 Jan 1903Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F17876023 robsgenealogy 
13 Lewis / Stevenson  10 Aug 1895Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F55618654 robsgenealogy 
14 Miller / Kendrick  25 May 1968Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F58880752 robsgenealogy 
15 Rayfield / Robinson  27 Jan 1928Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F97525077 robsgenealogy 
16 Ruble / Lewis  03 Feb 1900Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F11810658 robsgenealogy 
17 Stevenson / Ruble  04 Aug 1894Des Arc,Iron County,Missouri,USA F6293140 robsgenealogy