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Edward F. Regenhardt was the general contractor for the construction of Academic Hall Sep 1903 - Jan 1906, the main administration building on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

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My father's two lines: The Lewises - probably originally from Wales - migrated from Moore County, North Carolina, to Cocke County, Tennessee to Marion County, Tennessee and then to Madison County, Missouri from 1800 to 1850. The Millers - from Germany - are first found in Pennsylvania, then in Madison County, Missouri.

My mother's two lines: The first Regenhardt came to Cape Girardeau, Missouri from Germany in 1847. The McNeely's (Scots-Irish) are first found in the early 1700's in Bucks County, PA, in North Carolina in the late 1700s, and were in Gape Girardeau County in the early 1830s.

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The Lewis clan has caused the most digging for information over the years....they had a knack for settling where courthouse records were later lost in fires.

One recent find is a map hand drawn by the late Janet Kochevar ( a researcher who is a descendant of John Lewis) showing the locations of the original farms of the Lewises and their neighbors in Lower Carver Creek valley in what is now Iron County, Missouri.
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