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,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA


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Latitude: 38.6103023, Longitude: -90.4125181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abram, William Miles  09 Jul 1945,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I83087240 robsgenealogy 
2 Alcorn, Lyman Everett  19 Jul 1907,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I42051718 robsgenealogy 
3 Boedecker, Louise  28 Mar 1879,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I77420400 robsgenealogy 
4 Irion, Herman Henry  20 Jun 1900,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I96147446 robsgenealogy 
5 Kersey, James Richard  24 Oct 1937,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I78570874 robsgenealogy 
6 Poe, Irlene McNeely  05 May 1918,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I41721342 robsgenealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abram, William Miles  25 Jul 1991,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I83087240 robsgenealogy 
2 Alcorn, Julia May  23 Dec 1983,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I43900464 robsgenealogy 
3 Alcorn, Lyman Everett  07 Nov 1977,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I42051718 robsgenealogy 
4 Alcorn, William Henry  27 May 1950,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I59415395 robsgenealogy 
5 AuBuchon, Herbert Joseph  5 Sep 1955,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I57474764 robsgenealogy 
6 Boedecker, Louise  10 Feb 1920,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I77420400 robsgenealogy 
7 Emmons, Gertrude Marie Bayless  19 Jan 1965,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I79714225 robsgenealogy 
8 Engelbrecht, Paul Henry  10 Sep 1957,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I10784567 robsgenealogy 
9 Giesler, Annis  25 Aug 1972,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I56408427 robsgenealogy 
10 Gordan, John Embree  7 Sep 1952,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I14782756 West 
11 Heberer, Rose Bertha  26 Dec 1991,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I83074204 robsgenealogy 
12 Hesemann, Elsie D.  16 Apr 1977,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I57139960 robsgenealogy 
13 Hesemann, Virginia E.  18 Apr 2008,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I89349524 robsgenealogy 
14 Huebner, Charles Edward  23 Mar 2002,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I462820 robsgenealogy 
15 Irion, William  12 May 1945,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I6770592 robsgenealogy 
16 Kaempfer, John B.  05 Jul 1949,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I43730928 robsgenealogy 
17 Karcher, Raymond Eugene Sr.  30 Jan 2011,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I86526664 robsgenealogy 
18 Lassauer, Mary Isobel  21 Feb 1958,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I88066392 robsgenealogy 
19 Lassauer, Peter Franklin  14 Mar 1949,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I3967000 robsgenealogy 
20 Leimbach, Gloria Marie Olga  27 Mar 1988,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I27716754 robsgenealogy 
21 Leimbach, Katherine  8 Apr 1960,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I43702008 robsgenealogy 
22 Leimbach, Oscar Edwin  3 May 1970,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I25592714 robsgenealogy 
23 Leimbach, Rudolph Heinrich Jr.  03 Mar 1993,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I9999291 robsgenealogy 
24 Lewis, Chester James  09 Mar 1978,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I46585014 robsgenealogy 
25 Lewis, Otis  09 Oct 1999,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I73069328 robsgenealogy 
26 McNeely, Bess  19 Nov 1937,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I11400386 robsgenealogy 
27 Parker, Mary Martha  28 Nov 1942,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I51438728 robsgenealogy 
28 Petracek, Robert Vincent  14 Nov 2008,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I19382781 robsgenealogy 
29 Stevenson, Mary Helen  17 Feb 2012,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I4130352 robsgenealogy 
30 Terwesten, Paul Michael Barrett  07 Jul 2004,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I33388668 robsgenealogy 
31 White, Velma Jane  4 Nov 1989,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I57172028 robsgenealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cibak, Josephine  ,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I19924896 robsgenealogy 
2 Gutzler, Catherine  17 Jun 1958,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I422756 robsgenealogy 
3 Heberer, Robert William  06 Jul 1964,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I85204480 robsgenealogy 
4 Irion, August  01 Jun 1959,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I34334940 robsgenealogy 
5 Irion, Frank  ,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I52355634 robsgenealogy 
6 Irion, Herman Henry  22 Aug 1917,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I96147446 robsgenealogy 
7 Irion, William  16 May 1945,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I6770592 robsgenealogy 
8 Ohlman, Ida  ,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA I20922152 robsgenealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Abram / Becker  13 Aug 1913,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA F6395321 robsgenealogy 
2 Lovelace / Long  15 Sep 1906,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA F23852824 robsgenealogy 
3 Moore / Ackenhausen  17 Dec 1932,St. Louis County,Missouri,USA F68381664 robsgenealogy