Lewis Family Line

Elizabeth, wife of George - her maiden name??
Andrew Lewis' (son of George and Elizabeth) - see image below...shows his mother's last name as Gildeon.
Names for a death certificate were given by an informant, in this case a son, Drew Lewis, who may not be able to read, write, or spell. The last name could have been mispronounced and/or written down incorrectly.

One theory is that her name was Gilliland. 1830 Census records in Cocke County Census records show William and Robert Gilliland families in living near the Lewis brothers. Also nearby are the William and Randolph Lane families.

The 1840 Marion County Census shows Robert Gilliland living near George and Benjamin Lewis.

In 1850, William Gilliland and John Lane are next door neighbors living in Reynolds County, just west of southern Iron County. Robert Gilliland is living in the John Lane household.

John Lane married Hepsey Gilliland, daughter of Robert Gilliland. The theory is that Elizabeth and Hepsey are sisters. Elizabeth's yougenst daughter is named Hepsey, born just after George and Elizabeth migrated to Iron County after the 1850 Census.

I have found no Gildeon families or individuals in the Census until the late 1800s.
In the 1860 Census, Elizabeth, now a widow, is living in the Polks Spring neighborhood of Iron County. Next door is John and Hepsey Lane. The neighbors on the other side are James and Martha (Elizabeth's daughter) Casteel. A few doors away is son William and his family.

Living in Elizabeth's home are children Elizabeth (18), Andrew (15), James (13), and Hepsey (11). Also listed last is Patterson Lewis (17). I believe Patterson is the son of George's brother, Jacob, from Reynolds County. His full name is Hugh Patterson Lewis.

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Andrew Lewis Death Certificate 1915

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Elizabeth Lewis family 1860 Federal Census

Note her next door neighbors:
Living on one side is her daughter Martha Lewis Casteel. On the other side is John Lane, who migrated to Missouri with George Lewis, Elizabeth's father, John Lane's wife Hepsey is the sister of George's wife, Elizabeth Gilliland.

Four Lewis brothers, George, Jacob, John, and David were born in North Carolina (per Census records) in the early 1800's. We do not know the names of their parents. Circumstantial evidence points to Benjamin Lewis as the father.

We are not sure exactly where in North Carolina they are from. We next see records of them in Cocke County, Tennessee.

Their next documented location is Marion County, Tennessee.

No Lewises were listed as
landowners in Marion County in 1824 (offsite link).

George and Jacob were in Marion County, Tennesse in 1836, according to the
county tax list, living in District 1. John Lewis is living in District 4. Another Lewis on the Tax list was Benjamin, living nearby in District 1. He could have possibly been the father of the 4 brothers. Note that John and George each named one of their sons Benjamin. No sons of the four brothers were named Nathan.

Jacob, David, and John all were in Madison County, Missouri by 1844, and census records show each of them them have a child born in Missouri in that year or the year after. George was in the 1850 Census in Marion County, Tennessee, but was in Iron County, Missouri by 1851, as the next census lists his 12th child as born in Missouri in 1851.

John, David, and George acquired Land Patents from the US Government in Madison County, Missouri. David and John got the first land patents in 1853, then George in 1854. Their earliest Land Patents were in the Lower Carver Creek Valley, northwest of Annapolis.

Iron County was formed in 1857. The area around Annapolis was originally a part of Madison County.

Jacob Lewis acquired a Land Patent in Reynolds County in 1857. Many of his children are found in later Census living in Reynolds County.