John T. McNeely

John T. McNeely

From The Southeast Missourian, 15 May, 1941:
John T. McNeely, 81, Leemon Community Leader, Passes Away.
John T. McNeely, 81 years old, a farmer and community leader of the Leemon community for many years, died at his home at 6 o'clock Thursday night of progressive paralysis of long standing. He was in poor health for more than a year, but was bedfast only since Monday.
Mr. McNeely was born in the Leemon community Nov. 3, 1859, and spent nearly all his life in that vicinity, being a successful farmer. After reaching advanced age, he and Mrs. McNeely resided two years in Cape Girardeau, then moved back to Leemon.
Always taking a keen interest in religious and public affairs, he was active in social and political affairs. At one time he was a member of the Farm Grange, was active in the Modern Woodsmen of America Lodge, and was an active member of the Fairview Methodist Church for 51 years.
On McKendree Board
He was a member of the board of trustees for the preservation of Old McKendree Methodist Church, and still was at the time of his death. He was always keenly interested in the old church's history, and preservation of the building and grounds. He was especially energetic as a member of the Cape County Historical Society.
Mr. McNeely was somewhat of a philosopher, and his home, attractively situated on a knoll overlooking Indian Creek, was a storehouse of interesting literature in which he spent many of his spare hours. All his neighbors were his friends, who respected him.
On Dec. 12, 1889, he was married to Miss Jennie Stevenson of Shawneetown. She survives, as do three daughters, Mrs. C. A. Poe of St. Louis, Mrs. Ed Tuschhoff of Old Appleton, and Mrs. Ted Regenhardt of Cape Girardeau; four grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Price Morton of near Fruitland, and two half-sisters, Mrs. Ed Lang of Fullerton, Cal., and Mrs. W. H. Cunningham of Campbell.
Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, at Old Appleton Presbyterian Church. The body was to be taken from the Cracraft-Miller Funeral Home at Jackson to the family home at Leemon this afternoon to remain there until time for the funeral.
From The Southeast Missourian, 5 Dec 1939.
Cape County Couple at Golden Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. John T. McNeely of the Leemon community will observe the 50th anniversary of their marriage on Dec. 12, and on Sunday, Dec. 10, their neighbors, relatives, and friends throughout the county will gather at a basket dinner in Fairview Church immediately after the regular preaching services that morning. The church is not far from the McNeely home. With the exception of two years' residence in Cape Girardeau they have lived their married life on the farm near Leemon under the shadow of Mount Nebo.
Mr. McNeely was born on a farm near Fruitland Nov. 3, 1857, and has lived his life in Cape County. One sister, Mrs. Price Morton, lives near Fruitland, and two half-sisters Mrs. W. H. Cunningham, of Campbell, and Mrs. Ed Land of Fullerton, Cal., are the remaining members of his family.
Mrs. McNeely, born near Shawneetown June 16, 1862, was Miss Jamima Jane Stevenson, being united in marriage to John T. McNeely on Dec. 12, 1889, at the home of her mother, Mrs. A. K. Stevenson about one mile east of Shawneetown. The ceremony was performed by Rev. G. W. King, a circuit rider of the times.
Of this union there were four children, all daughters, there being one set of twins, Miss Bessie McNeely (deceased) and Mrs. Edward Tuschoff. The first born was Mrs. C. A. Poe and the last, Mrs. Ted Regenhardt.
Both Still Active.
Those still living who attended the wedding were A. C.Stevenson and wife Julie, Hugh Roy Stevenson, who was very young at the time, Ruth (McNeely) Lang, Gusta (McNeely) Cunningham, Ollie (McNeely) Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wallace, Mrs. John (Lummie) Daugherty, Mrs. L. D. Stevenson and daughter, Burley McNeely, Theodore F. Mitchell, William Shoults.
Mr. McNeely, nearing 80 years of age, and Mrs. McNeely, past 77, are in very good health and are at present staying at the home of their daughter, Mrs. T. R. Regenhardt, 101 South Boulevard. They go occasionally to the old home place and will be there Sunday, as well as at the church service and the golden wedding celebration at the church.
He has never held public offices but has been named on commissions of public importance. He is.
From The Cash-Book Journal:
John T. McNeely, 81, of Leemon Dies
John T. McNeely, one of the most respected and esteemed citizens of this county, died at his home at Leemon last Wednesday night of paralysis from which he had suffered for several years. He attended church the previous Sunday and was taken seriously ill soon thereafter.
Mr. McNeely was born Nov. 3, 1859 in the same community in which he died. He was the son of George W. McNeely, his grandfather being John R. McNeely, a native of North Carolina who moved to this county in 1830. On Dec. 12, 1889 he united in marriage with Miss Jennie Stevenson of Shawneetown, who survives. He followed farming all of his active life.
He was a devout Methodist, being a member of the Fairview church for 51 years, and one of the principal supports of the church, which he attended regularly so long as his health permitted, He was very positive in his views yet most charitable with those who honestly differed with him. His love for his country and his patriotism was outstanding throughout his life. Always a great reader he could converse intelligently upon any subject of the day. The editor of the Cash-Book considered him one of his warm, personal friends. Although we did not agree upon many subjects our friendly arguments were greatly enjoyed. In addition to his widow he leaves three daughters, Mrs. C. A. Poe of St. Louis, Mrs. Ed Tuschoff of near Old Appleton and Mrs. Ted Regenhardt of Cape Girardeau, a sister, Mrs. Price Morton of Fruitland and two half-sisters, Mrs. Ed Lange of Fullerton, Calif., and Mrs W. H. Cunningham of Campbell. Funeral services were held at the Old Applecreek Presbyterian church near Pocahontas with burial in the cemetery nearby.
From the Southeast Missourian:
Funeral Rites for John T. McNeely
Jackson, May 17 --- Funeral services for John T. McNeely, 81 years old, who died at his home at Leemon Thursday night, will be conducted at 2;30 o'clock this afternoon at Old Applecreek
Presbyterian Church, and burial will be there, where his relatives are buried. The church is half a mile east of Pocahontas. Mr. McNeely long was a church and community leader.
From "The Southeast Missourian"
Son Lives To Exactly Same Age as Father

The will of John T. McNeely, who died at his home at Leemon Saturday, was filed for probate today. It was witnessed by A. M. Sander and John G. Putz, and provides that the entire estate go to the testator's widow, Mrs. Jennie McNeely. A peculiar circumatance came to light during the filing of the will. John T. McNeely died at the age of 81 years, 6 months, and 12 days. His father, George W. McNeely, lived to be exactly the same age, 81 years, 6 months, and 12 days. He died Aug. 19, 1917.

Jennie Stevenson 75th Birthday
Honor Woman as She Has 75th Birthday

In their comfortable home, picturesquely located at the foot of Mount Nebo and not far from the banks of the winding Indian Creek, Mr. and Mrs. John T. McNeely were hosts yesterday to a large number of relatives and friends, the occasion being Mrs. McNeely's 75
th birthday, The McNeely home, the old Leemon Hale place, is located at the edge of the village named after that pioneer citizen, Capt. Leemon Hale, Leemon. The guests and children of the aged couple enjoyed the visit greatly, and presented a rather informal birthday program for which the honoree expressed her appreciation

Poe and daughter Irlene of St. Louis; Miss Bess McNeely, who remains at home with her parents; Mrs. C. E. Tuschoff of Old Appleton, and Mrs. Ted Regenhardt and children, Alice and John Donald of Cairo, Ill. Nieces present from a distance were Mrs. Nola Gray of Garden City, Kas., Mrs. Eunice King of Anthony, Kas., Mrs. Bertha Snider of Winfield, Kas., Mrs. Grace Bruner of Lawrence, Kas., and Mrs. Edith Hughey of Greenville, Ill., also a grand©niece, Mrs. Neil Hughey, of Greenville, Ill. Other relatives and friends were Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Stevenson of Pocahontas, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stevenson of Shawneetown, Mrs. Anna Thompson and Mrs. Irene Kasten of Pocahontas, Mrs. Shabie Ruppel and daughters, Rettie, Birdie, and Dell of Leemon, Miss Ella Daughterty and Mrs.
Horace Daughterty of Fruitland, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sides and son, Wayne Allen, Mrs. Herbert Englehart and sons Billie and Jimmie, Mrs. Mollie Morton, Mrs. Ella Woods, Miss Myrtle Masterson, Mrs. Mollie Sides and Mrs. Daisy Martin of the Leemon Community.

Mrs. J. T. Mcneely, Aged 82, Passes

Mrs. Jennie McNeely, aged 82 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ted Regenhardt, in Cape Girardeau Monday, following an illness of two months.

Funeral services will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Old Applecreek Presbyterian Church, conducted by Rev. Miles H. Stotts, pastor of the Grace Methodist Church of Old Appleton.
Burial will be in the church cemetery.

Mrs. McNeely was born June 16, 1862, at Shawneetown. She united in marriage with John T. McNeely on Dec. 12, 1889, she and her husband then moving on a farm near Leemon, where they resided until his death, Following her husband's death on May 15, 1941, Mrs. McNeely took up residence with her daughter. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Stevenson and recognized by all who knew her as a fine character and Christian woman.

Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. T. R. Regenhardt, Mrs. C. A. Poe of St. Louis, and Mrs. Ed Tuschoff of Old Appleton, and six grandchildren.