Regenhardt Movies

These videos are from my collection of Regenhardt family films that have been shared with me and are available for playback here.

This film by Ted Regenhardt was shot in 1930 in Dix, Illinois. The Regenhardt Construction Company is building Highway 37.

This movie was filmed by Ted Regenhardt. It's Easter 1933 at the home of William McKinley Regenhardt and his wife Margaret in Mt Vernon, Illinois.

Don Regenhardt and Al Huters - summer of 1944.
Filmed by Don and Al.

This video is a collection of family movies made by Joe Regenhardt from 1963-1965.

This video was shot by Tom Regenhardt of the Regenhardt family reunion June 25, 1988 at the home of Joe and Mary Alice Regenhardt.

This video of Tom Regenhardt's Retirement party was filmed and edited by Rob Lewis.