Edward F. Regenhardt - Contractor Frisco Depot

Frisco Railroad Depot - Cape Girardeau
Located just north of Broadway on Water Street - by  the Mississippi River.
Depot was built by Ed Regenhardt, contractor, in 1902.  The building was razed in 1923.

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The train depo was across Water Street from the Riverview Hotel. The Hotel was damaged by fire in 1904 and rebuilt. To the far left is the Terminal Hotel. On March 15th, 1916, a fire stared in the Buckner-Ragsdale building (between the two hotels) and spread to the Terminal and Riverview Hotels, destroying all three structures.

The Buckner building and the Depot were rebuilt, the hotels were not.

Broadway is between the Riverview Hotel and the Buckner building.

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Political Rally at the station. The banner may read "Benton"