Woodfin Family

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Hannah Woodfin (see Generation 4 below) is the maternal grandmother of John T. McNeely.

Descendants of John Woodfin
  Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 WOODFIN was born Bef. 1710, and died 1767 in Hampshire Co., VA.
Child of JOHN WOODFIN is:
2.                i.       SAMUEL2 WOODFIN, b. ABT  1730, VA; d. ABT  1784, Greenbrier Co., VA. 

Generation No. 2

2.  SAMUEL2 WOODFIN (JOHN1) was born ABT  1730 in VA, and died ABT  1784 in Greenbrier Co., VA.  He married ELIZABETH ABT  1752. 
Email from Joy Jackson 7-8-2000:
Hampshire County, Virginia
Deed Book 2, Page 137:
 TO ALL TO WHOM these Presents shall come, KNOW YE that I, Samuel Woodfin of the county of Hampshire in the colony of Virginia, for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have I do leave to my several children hereinafter named and in compliance with the will and request of my deceased Father John Woodfin, have given granted and confirmed unto my said children the several articles hereinafter mentioned which were the Property of my said Father in his Life Time or over the Increase of such Property to wit: 
To John Woodfin a Mare, Colt, a Young Stallion Three cows and Four Sheep.
To Mary Woodfin a feather Bed and Bedding Three cows and Four Sheep.
To Nicholas Woodfin A Mare and Colt Three cows and Four Sheep.
To Betty Woodfin a feather Bed Bedding Three cows and Four Sheep.
To Thomas Woodfin  Negro Man named Tanner Three cows and Four Sheep.
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Negro Man Slave well and singular over the Premises above mentioned with the future Increase of the said Mares, cows, and Sheep to my said children respectively and to their respective heirs and assigns forever, IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my mark and seal this 15th Day of June in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine.
                                                Sam X    Woodfin
Sealed and Delivered
in the Presence of: < The words 'Named Tanner' being first Underlined>
Sam'l Dew, John Rousee
At a court continued held for Hampshire County the 15th Day of June 1769 This Deed of Gift from  Samuel Woodfin to his children was acknowledged by the said Samuel Woodfin and ordered to be recorded. 
                   i.       JOHN3 WOODFIN, b. ABT  1755, Hampshire Co., VA.
                  ii.       MARY WOODFIN, b. ABT  1757, Hampshire Co., VA.
3.              iii.       NICHOLAS WOODFIN, b. 2 August 1759, Greenbrier Co., VA; d. 31 December 1832, Fosterville, Bedford Co., TN.
                 iv.       THOMAS WOODFIN, b. 1761, Hampshire Co., VA; d. ABT  1846, Bates Co., MO; m. (1) UNKNOWN; m. (2) RACHEL SHUMAS/SHOEMAC; m. (3) SARAH.
                  v.       KATHERINE ELIZABETH WOODFIN, b. 7 March 1763, Hampshire Co., VA; d. ABT  1856, Haywood Co., NC; m. THOMAS ABEL, 1 September 1784, Pidgeon River, Burke Co., NC; b. 7 March 1763, Hampshire Co., VA.

Generation No. 3

3.  NICHOLAS3 WOODFIN (SAMUEL2, JOHN1) was born 2 August 1759 in Greenbrier Co., VA, and died 31 December 1832 in Fosterville, Bedford Co., TN.  He married HANNAH MARY ASHBROOK 1789 in Virginia.  She was born 3 May 1766 in Hampshire Co., VA, and died 8 August 1845 in Fosterville, Bedford Co., TN.
                   i.       ELIZABETH4 WOODFIN, b. 1786, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1873, Dickson Co., TN; m. JAMES MCMINN, 1802, Buncombe Co., NC.
                  ii.       SARAH WOODFIN, b. 20 February 1788, Rutherford County, NC; d. 1856, Obion County, TN.
                 iii.       MARY WOODFIN, b. 3 May 1790, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 26 October 1867, Rutherford Co., TN; m. ANDREW STREPLAND EDWARDS, 1808.
                 iv.       SAMUEL WOODFIN, b. 1791, Buncombe Co., NC; d. 29 April 1863, Bedford Co., TN; m. MARIAH BARNHILL, 12 February 1816, Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN.
                  v.       MOSES WOODFIN, b. 9 February 1794, Buncombe Co., NC; d. 1 April 1860, Saline Co., MO; m. (1) MARGARET RODGERS, 28 July 1827, Henry Co., TN; m. (2) ELIZA C. CHENAULT, 27 June 1838, Morgan Co., MO.
                 vi.       PHEBE WOODFIN, b. 21 March 1796, Buncombe Co., NC; d. 4 August 1885, Hunt County, TX; m. THOMAS SWANN, October 1812, Bedford Co., TN.
                vii.       JOHN WOODFIN, b. 1798, Buncombe Co., NC; m. (1) UNKNOWN; m. (2) FRANCES EDGARTON, April 1841, Hardeman County, TN.
               viii.       REBECCA WOODFIN, b. 1801, Buncombe Co., NC.
Never Married
                  ix.       JANE WOODFIN, b. 22 April 1803, Buncombe Co., NC; d. 31 March 1836, Bedford Co., TN.
Never Married
                 x.       HANNAH WOODFIN, b. 24 September 1805, North Carolina; d. 8 February 1900, Plano, Texas.

Generation No. 4

4.  HANNAH4 WOODFIN (NICHOLAS3, SAMUEL2, JOHN1) was born 24 September 1805 in North Carolina, and died 8 February 1900 in Plano, Texas.  She married THOMAS HAILE 4 December 1827 in Bedford County, TN.  He was born ABT  1798 in Virginia, and died 1867 in Missouri.   
                   i.       MARILLUS5 HAILE, b. 25 December 1837, Unknown; d. 4 May 1866, Cape County,MO; m. GEORGE WESLEY MCNEELY, 1858, Cape Gir. County, MO; b. 7 February 1836, Cape County, MO; d. 19 August 1917, Leemon, MO.
                  ii.       MARY HAILE.
                 iii.       MARTHA HAILE.
                 iv.       LEEMON HAILE, m. MARY ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, 10 September 1857, Cape Girardeau County, MO.